According to developer EA Sports FIFA 17 is the most innovative FIFA game to date. Game Journalist Ron Vorstermans recently went to Paris to take the youngest under scrutiny in the football game series behalf Voetbal International. It fell four major and minor innovations.
1) The technique
Every video game running on a technical basis. In videogame jargon such a foundation called an engine. FIFA games run for years on the same technical engine, even years, produces a game that feels partly as the previous section.

FIFA 17 gets the football series on a completely new basis: the Frostbite engine. We especially note the better-like appearance of many players, but also to the bright green turf, which increases actual damage after some heavy tackles, the beautiful light and the addition of many new animations. In particular, the way in which animations cross-lighting is improved in each other. As a result looks FIFA 17 next prettier also show a lot smoother.

The big risk of a new engine can guess: although developer EA Sports more than two years ago began tinkering with the game studio has replaced the entire foundation of the game. Therefore, the risk of new irregularities increases, as we know from other game series that did the same (and failed).

Graphically, FIFA 17 looks incidentally beautiful, but not perfect. The skin of some players sometimes looks remarkably rough, a bit like they have an acute acne attack. Moreover, we have so far only played with many famous players of very famous teams: is the digital appearance of the lesser gods football as much attention, if for example, seems Jetro Willems in this part totally on themselves?

2) The style of play
The use of the body, for example to shield the ball or the ball right to steal, playing in FIFA 17 key. With the left trigger to throw the controller both defenders and attackers literally the body in the fight. The left trigger is in FIFA 17, your best friend. With the left trigger you win duels.

That’s getting used to, but after having played some pots we are very positive about this new way of playing. Do not yield to some clumsy moments, as players react against opponents who are totally not around at that time. It happened twice that our arm disappeared into the torso of an opponent. Anyway, EA Sports has the release date of September 29th to brush off such technical inaccuracies.

3) The set pieces
Set pieces, in particular penalties and corner kicks are a thorn in the side of many FIFA players. Usually they feed on luck, not skill of the player. EA Sports also find them painfully and therefore are all dead game moments addressed in FIFA 17.

A corner kick is time to take much more precise and work against the ropes. refined also is the start for a penalty, which you can completely determine the pace. A keeper is therefore even easier to put on the wrong track. Anyway, long story short: in FIFA 17 have been set pieces tactical features. And that actually delivers satisfaction after scoring from a corner.

4) The Journey
Really, FIFA 17 has a ‘story’. In the new mode, The Journey you will soon follow Alex Hunter, a top talent in England is about to break through. You decide the career development by playing him on the field, but also outside the lines you are responsible for Alex. At which club in the Premier League leave you Alex debut? How do you let Alex in the press dealing with defeats or poor performance? What does Alex when he gets into a fight with his coach?

The Adventures of ‘your’ Alex Hunter are portrayed in cinematic fashion. We see him during his first foray turn Manchester United on iconic fashion is coached by Jose Mourinho, how he makes a chat surprise in the locker room with Wayne Rooney and even brought a plane to the United players go to training camp.

The Journey has potential. Who does not want to play online or on the bench against others, but wants meaningful football game, always contact the new narrative mode. That is, if The Journey added value compared to other game modes. How much influence your choices really have to have the career of Alex Hunter, is currently still guesswork. EA Sports will not tell for example, if the game has multiple endings.

What The Journey during our brief play session performs indeed, is evoking emotion. When we see Alex at Anfield come out of the tunnel from the stands while a loud You’ll Never Walk Alone is geschald are our eyes – like those of Alex – naturally a bit watery. And that is quite an achievement for a football game then

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