Even before the previous version has been released, EA is already working on the next version (and perhaps much later versions). FIFA 20 is coming anyway. The release of the newest part in the EA football series is expected at the end of September 2019. FIFA 20 demo and release date will be announced soon. This usually happens around summer time. We hope for significant improvements every year. This year we mainly hope that the FIFA 20 career mode will be completely overhauled. We are also curious about how it goes with The Hunter’s Alex Hunter.

To the point

What is it: FIFA 20, the successor to FIFA 19
When: The demo is expected to start early / mid September 2019, and the full game at the end of September 2019.
What can you play it on: PS4, Xbox One and PC are available anyway. In addition, we also expect a mobile version and a version for the Nintendo Switch.
FIFA coins: Yes, FIFA 20 coins are available

FIFA 20 trailers

There is no trailer for FIFA 20 yet. We expect to see images of the game during the EA Access event prior to E3 2019. We will update this page with all trailers that are shown as they become available. While you wait, enjoy this documentary about ‘The Science of the Penalty Shoot-Out’ from our friends at FourFourTwo.

Updates for the development of FIFA 20 gameplay

So far, EA’s development teams have been very concerned about the progress of FIFA development. We know it’s coming, they know we know it’s coming, so that hype window has a fine oiled hinge that only swings open when EA is ready.
We do have EA Sports Global Manager, Community Engagement Team guru Corey Andress, however, who gave the first hint of action to what would come back at the end of February, suggesting that the company is preparing for this year’s major sporting release.

FIFA 20: what we want to see

FIFA titles are getting better and better over the years – it is rare to change the formula en masse and FIFA has been in a fairly stable state for almost a decade now. If you have played a recent edition, you can enjoy the latest edition, with a few months of work needed to master the new systems. FIFA is then in a good place, with FIFA 20 as the basis for a solid basis – but that does not mean that we cannot look forward to some improvements. Here is a handful of things that we would like to see changed.

The end of the “Journey” – and the beginning of something new?

FIFA introduced a character-driven story mode in FIFA 2017, with the focus on fictional up-and-coming star Alex Hunter, and it is now a much-loved staple of the game. Hunter’s story ends with FIFA 20, so we would like to see something new and extensive that will allow us to continue that legacy. EA’s Madden series has a story-focused Longshot mode – it would be great to transfer that idea to EA’s other major sports title.
Dynamic weather

For a while it seemed that EA’s mantra was that anything that rival Pro Evolution Soccer could do could do FIFA better. But EA has never picked up Pro’s dynamic weather systems. Just as in real life, rainy weather can blow in the middle of the game, changing the pace and flow of the game in the Pro series. It is a realistic consideration and one that would have a subtle but welcome effect on the moment-to-moment tactics in FIFA 20.

Career mode changes

Career Mode is FIFA’s answer to a management system. It’s not a Football Manager, but it’s a great way to build a long-term relationship with every year joining the franchise. However, it can use a fire to its core systems after its flashy but shallow FIFA 18 UI revision. What extra depth in the management challenge is what we really support – negotiations about player wages, stadium changes for smaller clubs on the rise, things like that. It would be great to also recover the Player / Manager career option from FIFA 13.

Make your own team mode

Fans have been screaming for this for years – reducing the old-school ability to create your own team, from branding and kit to player names and attributes. We suspect that EA is not happy about this, because it gives you the opportunity to make updated squadron information about the game even years after the release. But it would be great to be able to put together a team from colleagues or online partners, for example, and have them take the cup home.

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