What is FIFA 17 TOTY?

Well the Holidays are upon us and EA is about to release their biggest money grabbing scheme of the year, because everyone needs presents for Christmas. FIFA 17 Team of The Year will be a large event that will enable players to get special Blue In Form cards of players who have shown excellent performance during 2016. These special Blue in Form cards you get from Team of the Year will be available in FUT 17 where you can use them to decimate the other player or AI because the cards are going to be some of the most powerful within FIFA 17. So get your coins and points ready, because FIFA 17 TOTY is coming to town.

What are Blue in Form cards?

Blue in Form cards for TOTY will be special cards that will appear only during the special event which only lasts for 7 days. This cards can only be achieved within FUT 17 TOTY using the card packs by spending FIFA 17 coins, or points if you can, to purchase them and then praying to any Deity just to get one semi decent Blue In Form card. The Cards will feature some of the highest stats in FIFA 17 and you will surely be able to use them in FUT 17 as a domination tool in order to get more FIFA 17 coins. Basically, Blue in Form cards for FIFA 18 will make you a demi god when it comes to playing Ultimate Team. So you better be on your toes when the event starts.

How long do you have to participate in TOTY?

TOTY will last 7 days and will have players released in bursts that contain only certain types of players up until the last 2 days where every Blue in Form card will be released for FIFA 17 and you will be able to get them then. The bursts go as follows:

  • Keepers and Defenders- 9th until 11th of January.
  • Midfielders- 11th to 13th of January.
  • Forwards- for some reason, these guys are from the 13th till only the 14th of January.
  • TOTY Squad- Everyone is released here and will last for two days, 14th – 16th.

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