A common complaint is that the FIFA popular game in recent years has been very innovative, while you count down indeed thick doekoes for each year. EA Sports has listened to the criticism and stops FIFA 17 packed with big changes and new options!

10. Enhanced Realism
FIFA 17 has been completely rebuilt with a different engine. The new body naturally produces fantastic stadium images and lifelike players, but also many changes in the gameplay: physical renovations, smarter players and important changes in standard situations. More on that later.

9. Real coaches
This is the remarkable new trailer for FIFA 17 © YouTube
José Mourinho flagship EA announced FIFA 17 real coaches down the line. Do not expect Ron Jans or Jurgen Streppel: being only the trainers from the Premier League put into the game. If we are above effigy of José Mourinho is seen on the facial animations of the Exercise Masters can still use some work.

8. Shoulder Thrusts
FIFA has for years roughly three ways to steal the ball: with a standing tackle, a sliding or by putting your opponent with brute force of the ball. FIFA 17 introduces a schouderduw that you share when you run into a player pressed with L2. This option can also be used offensively, where you rush defenders trying to put away. Also, the shielding of the ball has been further elaborated.

7. Smarter players
FIFA 17 has the intelligence of the players made a significant upgrade, making them even better situations scan and see in the field. Football players position themselves intelligently and put walking actions even before they get admitted played the ball.

6. Better shooting
FIFA’s shooting mode was pretty grim: if you did something button pressed too long, the ball sailed high over the bar. FIFA 17 is arranged a kind of ‘save’ mode, giving you more control. If you’ve already shot, you can press a second time you adjust kick. Before your player touches the ball, the result is still possible to change a Sunday hit a low kick or header.

5. More skill moves
Boxes of tricks can indulge: FIFA 17 also introduces new skill moves, which the new animations naturally look even cooler than before. In addition to fresh tricks EA also adapted the feints of dribbling anus. Even more pleasant caps and rotate so!

4. Corners take as a boss
Corners take FIFA happening for years in the same way, but that is changing radically in FIFA 17. First, you identify with more precision where the ball should end up where you choose a tight ball or long ball. The second step is moving kopsterke players towards the ball. That player can choose even before you take the corner.

3. New way of smashing
Throw, another game mode for years is the same. Until now: FIFA 17 you can get a short walk along the sideline before you throw the ball in the field. That may otherwise only towards half.

2. Penalty and free kicks on the shovel
All standard situations are addressed: besides smashing corners and thus also take penalty kicks and free kicks. You run and positioning now determine where the ball lands, making you learn for example, easier to rotate the wall.

1. A story mode
Jep: FIFA with a story, it really going to happen. In ‘The Journey’ (check the trailer), you experience the football career of the fictional talent Alex Hunter. Whether that is a success is entirely in your hands because your game performance and choices determine how Alex’s career goes. So wanton good game the clubs; bake nothing about, you can just go to a low classified team are bonjoured. The Journey takes place not only on the field: also gives interviews and conducts interviews with your coach. Those moments will also affect the story.

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