FIFA 17 release is getting closer. We are now a few weeks have passed since the official announcement of FIFA 17. In the weeks following the publication has again become known some new things about the upcoming FIFA game. We have everything we know so far as to put a row.

FIFA and EA Sports have often been criticized in the past by players and critics that the game is not innovative enough that each edition is about the same plays and missing many leagues, teams and players.

EA Sports has promised FIFA 17 ever to put down the most innovative FIFA game. But what is currently known about these innovations and what it means for the FIFA 17 release? You read it in our FIFA 17 special.

Resolution and frame rate

EA Sports has during a presentation in Spain where she presented announced the game FIFA 17 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will run at 60fps and that will always continue to do so. In addition, FIFA 17 will both consoles in Full-HD 1080p shine on the TV screen. FIFA earlier editions did not succeed. Especially the framerate of the game fell on PC for many players against. The PlayStation 3 version often had problems with the back drop of the number of frames per second.

FIFA 17 release will be according to EA history. The reason for this will be probably attributed mainly to the use of the new Frost Bite engine.

The Frostbite engine is renowned to be a strong engine. The engine has in the past, for example, Star Wars Battlefront proved superb graphics to handle. In FIFA 17, the Frostbite engine will therefore ensure that the game will feel a lot more realistic. Players in FIFA 17 will include the engine have their own mass allowing contact between players will feel more realistic according to EA.

In addition, the engine creates animations a lot less rehearsal improved a lot in the animation and lighting. The lighting and weather conditions, according to EA especially good to see at competitions in bad weather such as rain or fog.

new leagues

It is quite logical that we look again at this edition of FIFA’s competitions which can and will not make the game. About competitions that are absent in FIFA 17 is still unknown. It is already announced a new competition that will appear in FIFA 17 release.

The Japanese J1 League will make its entry into the world of FIFA in September. With the addition of the Japanese J1 League, all 18 teams of this competition in the game and a new stadium. The new stadium is Suita City Football Stadium Osaka.

According to a post on the Israeli and Turkish leagues hugely popular. Also in this independent poll shows the two top leagues. This of course does not guarantee that EA will add leagues to the game.

Especially considering the time until FIFA 17 release will be too late for EA now add a new competition but perhaps EA itself already is planning to add these competitions.

It remains to be seen what competitions FIFA 17 release and does not survive. What is for sure is that the next time more and more new competitions are announced by EA.

Improved AI and animations

According to EA Sports FIFA 17 will also get a lot of improvements in the AI of the players on the field. Where previously a lot of criticism came when teammates were not tactical, often walked the wrong way and too far or not walked far enough, will that FIFA 17 is no longer the case. According to EA Sports FIFA 17 players will themselves create room or walk into the room when the player who caused. In addition, the players would choose better position to receive the ball and making them better choose them shorter pedestrian routes to get to the right position.

It will be in FIFA 17 often happen that teammates when they are controlled by the AI, not automatically choose to rush forward to achieve the goal of the opponent as quickly as possible but it will be in FIFA 17 sometimes happen that a teammate choose to stabbing sideways across the field to pull the game broader and thus create room for other teammates, a through ball or a high ball into the penalty area.

In addition to improved AI animations will in tackling, falling and collisions between players have also changed considerably. EA Sports says it has taken, resulting in a much more realistic situations without limbs will shoot through heads, balls or other physical objects these animations and the “physics” of the ball well on the shovel.

With the new ball ‘physics will be added a new element to the game. This element of the ball will, in fact react realistically when it enters a clutch of players. The ball will by 20 parameters thus linked to the ball and players react to this “always” will knock.

Renewed game situations

FIFA 17 will be dead game situations as corners, free kicks and penalties also considerable differences with previous versions. In taking such a dead ball situation, the player can now choose their own route and determine the speed of the run. Also, you may choose to kick or just pick the ball quickly towards the target for a long and slow run-up.

In addition to this system, the camera when taking free kicks behind the player linger instead of switching back to the default camera position. So when you take a free kick in FIFA 17 you can see from the point of Kick the ball towards goal fly which adds to the realism of the game.

The greatest innovation of the Dead game situations is when taking corners. With FIFA 16 and earlier editions was taking a corner often more gambling than knowing where the ball landed. In FIFA 17 will no longer be the case. Taking a corner is in fact now accompanied by a yellow ‘crosshair’.

This can place the player where he wants the ball and there will therefore fall. This allows you to get the ball much more focused on the place of destination and players in the penalty area have a greater chance the ball actually achieve.

Since all players are looking at a game of FIFA in the same screen, whether it is on a single console or online, supporters can also see where the ball will end up. To circumvent this, the attacker can choose to disable the “crosshair” by pressing the arrow keys on the PC or on the D-pad for Xbox One or PlayStation 4.


There are three editions of FIFA 17 is known to be derived from the FIFA 17 release. Firstly, there is the standard edition.

This edition includes only the game 5 Ultimate Team Draft Tokens, eight times the possibility to use during an Ultimate Team game of Hazard, Martial, Reus or Rodriguez and a specially designed Ultimate Team uniform designed by the designers or soundtrack artists of the game.

The second edition is the Deluxe Edition. In addition to the content of the standard edition, you get the Deluxe Edition also FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs.

Hiemee you get 24 items that can be used in the Ultimate Team mode. In the packages, players, contracts, stadiums, managers, staff, fitness items, healing items, balls, uniforms, badges and sit teamwork styles. In the Gold packages are at least seven rare items and players with a minimum rating of 75.

In addition to the Premium Gold Packs you at the Deluxe Edition will also get the opportunity for three games last FIFA Ultimate Team lend players to get the team of the week.

This is limited to once per week for 20 weeks. The third bonus in FIFA 17 Deluxe Edition is the ability to get a loan FIFA Ultimate Team player for a maximum number of eight games. Again, these players are Hazard, Martial, Reus, or Rodriguez.

The latest edition of FIFA 17 is the Super Deluxe Edition includes the same bonuses as the Deluxe Edition, you only get 40 Premium Gold Packs instead of 20. Also the Ultimate Team borrow players for 3 matches available. The difference with the Deluxe Edition is that the Super Deluxe Edition, these players can be called up twice a week instead of once.

The Journey

The latest news that has so far been known about FIFA 17 release is of course the arrival of The Journey. The story mode of FIFA 17.

The Journey Within follow Alex Hunter, a new, young player who takes his first steps in the English Premier League. Here is an immediate issue of The Journey. At present it is only possible to get to a team from the English Premier League, here it is possible to come to any team.
In The Journey enter your first soccer world outside the field itself. We have added a kind of RPG elements which can make choosing the Hunter’s how he reacts to situations.

You will often get into conversation with teammates, trainer, coach and press. Depending on what you answer, this will affect the career of the young player. Additionally, you can Hunter called “Trait Points’ indicate which ensures that it is better in certain game elements such condition, power shot or passes.

Another drawback of The Journey in addition to the lack of other leagues than the English Premier League is that it is not possible to play the game mode with another player than Hunter. How well The Journey will depend on how well EA Sports dialogues, choice has options and consequences. In addition, the length of the story mode will very much affect the success of the mode.

EA Sports has at least done everything to make a success of The Journey. EA Sports has hired several consultants namely as Anthony Martial Manchester United, DiMaria of Paris Saint-Germain and several football journalists including biographer David Beckham.

These people have worked on include motion captures, voice-overs and background checking stories that are in The Journey.

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